Reviews of Artwork

When is a customer able to leave a review?

We send an automated email prompting customers to write reviews two weeks after an order has been marked as successfully delivered. 

If they do not wish to wait however, the option to review an artwork is available from the delivery date up until three months past the ETA (Estimated Arrival Time) of the order. Once this three month period has passed they will be unable to leave a review retrospectively. 

It is also important to note that a customer can leave a review once the order has passed the ETA on the system even if the order has not yet arrived. Therefore we advise artists to monitor the tracking of orders closely to ensure if the order is delayed that customers are notified and it doesn't result in a negative review where they claim not to have received the artwork.

Kindly note, customers are able to leave reviews for refunded orders.

Why can't my customer leave a review?

There are a few reasons why your customer may not able to leave a review on an order:

  1. As mentioned above, if the ETA for the order has passed the three month period, your customer will no longer see the option to review the artwork on their orders page. 
  2. They will also not be able to leave a review if the order is placed on hold. If this situation occurs it is usually because they have either reached out or responded to our automated delivery confirmation email to advise that they have not received the artwork. In this case, we advise you to get in touch with our Support Team ( or prompt the customer to do so ( in order to remove the order from hold once it has been delivered. Once it has been released, your customer will be able to leave a review for up to three months from the delivery date selected. 

My customer doesn't know how to leave me a review, how can I help?

If your customer is unable to locate their follow up email which provides a link to review their experience on Artfinder or if they wish to leave a review before the two week time-frame, they are able to do so. After logging into their Artfinder account, they can click on 'Orders' and select 'Review Seller' next to the order they wish to review.

How is my artwork reviewed?

Customers are invited to review the following information:

  • Overall seller rating (stars out of 5)
  • Seller communication (stars out of 5)
  • Delivery and packaging (stars out of 5)
  • Listing accuracy (stars out of 5)
  • Comments

Therefore, we suggest you take these ratings into consideration when running your Artfinder shop to ensure you are providing five star service in all elements of their orders. Particularly with Seller Communication, as many customer queries and/or issues can be solved quickly and easily if artists are available to provide excellent communication via our messaging system.

Can I respond to a customer's review?

We encourage you to respond to customers' reviews as a way of showing gratitude for their custom and to establish a good rapport with your customers. Your response is also public, so it will also show potential customers that you are dedicated to ensuring a positive purchasing experience. Therefore, once a customer has reviewed their experience with you, you will receive an email inviting you to respond within three days of the review. It is important to note that customer reviews aren't immediately posted on your storefront, as we give artists time to respond.

In order to respond to their review:

  • Click on the 'Respond' button in the email
  • Leave your response for the customer and click the 'Save' button

Your customer will then receive a notification that you have responded to their review.

If you wish to view all reviews and responses this is available to view in 'Reviews' under your Inbox in your Seller Portal.

Can my customer amend their review?

If your customer has completed their review incorrectly, had a change of mind or has since had their issue resolved, they may wish to amend it. In order to have their review amended, they will need to get in touch with our Customer Support Team ( and request the amendments they would like made on their behalf. Artists are not able to request amendments of customer reviews.

Can I delete a customer's review?

As Artfinder will not censor, edit, or delete reviews, you cannot change or remove reviews on your Artfinder Shop Front. However, we may be contacted to remove reviews or responses if they violate the terms of our site. We hence reserve the right to remove reviews in the most exceptional of circumstances.

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