Unavailable reports and other browser related issues

Browser issues may occur from time to time and may impact your access to some information, such as your seller reports. We therefore wanted to give all of you some advice on what to do if a report looks unavailable on one browser but not on others.

If you find yourself unable to access a specific report on your portal (typically you may see the report for a few seconds, then it will disappear. In some cases you may even be redirected to your main shop page), you may wish to conduct the following tests:

Try a different browser

If you are using Chrome for example, you may want to try accessing the report via another web browser such as Firefox, Microsoft Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. 

If the issue is the same across all browsers, it could be a bug on our end so please notify us either via forum in the bug channel, or by emailing sellers@artfinder.com.

If the issue does not replicate across all browsers, please try the suggestions below.

Clear cache and cookies

Sometimes caching may prevent you from seeing the latest version of a page, so it is always advisable to first clear cache and cookies and see if this helps.

You can find information on how to clear cache and cookies for all major browsers on this article

If this does not resolve the issue, please check the next step below.

Disable extensions/ad blockers

If the above did not help, it is possible that third-party cookies/javascript are being blocked by the browser itself OR by some ad-blocking / privacy extensions.

  • Are you using a VPN to access the site? If so, is this VPN offering any additional “privacy” features such as tracking/third party filtering? This could be blocking the reports.
  • Are you using any privacy-focused extensions that are preventing ads/cookies from being placed? (like Adblocker for example, which is a Chrome extension).

If so, you may wish to disable these features or check if such settings can be allowed for the site so that reports show for you. To do this on Chrome for example, go to Manage Extensions and disable ALL extensions (they can be re-enabled one by one, to test if a specific extension is causing the issue). If this does not resolve the issue, please try step 4 below.

Allow all cookies

This seems to resolve the issue for most, if none of the above has helped. You will need to allow all cookies on your browser. Below are the steps to do this for Chrome, but you can replicate this for any browser.

  • go to Chrome settings -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and other site data -> make sure it is either “Allow all cookies” OR only “Block third-party cookies in Incognito”.

You should now be able to access your report without any issue, on any browser or device. If however the issue still persists, please let us know by emailing sellers@artfinder.com and we will look into this for you.

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