Fine Art Prints (Limited edition)

Artists can now sell a number of fine art prints - i.e - limited edition reproduction prints of original work. Please note that limited edition prints are currently enabled for original paintings, drawings and collages. 

The number of prints you can list differs by seller plan, as follows:

  • Starter plan: 5 prints
  • Standard plan: 10 prints
  • Pro plan: unlimited prints


  • Maximum edition size is 250 (however we do recommend smaller edition sizes).
  • Artists will have to provide either a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity with every print sold OR number and sign each print before dispatch.
  • Artwork titles must be free from any text that is not considered a work’s legitimate title. We will not allow size information, materials, substrate, marketing copy or information about delivery to be included in the original’s title. This is because the prints will inherit the original’s title and clearly display its own size / substrate / shipping information.
  • The same standard terms and conditions for sellers will apply to sales of editions. This means that possible discounts, commission levels and payment terms remain the same as for other works sold through Artfinder.
  • In the initial phase we will allow limited customisation options (for example artist’s own framing options will not be available).
  • We will continue to take down reproduction prints that are “disguised” as other types of work. The reason we’re building this feature is to make it clear and transparent to consumers when they buy reproduction prints and what this may mean.

Please note that Artfinder will not be responsible for the printing or shipping the editions from digital files. Artists will remain in full control over their final product, pricing, delivery and customer experience. It will be possible to add editions of paintings, drawings and collages and we will allow prints on paper or canvas to be listed.

How to manage your editions

  1. Go to your Seller Portal -> Artworks section
  2. Select the original artwork that has editions to be added
  3. Click Options -> Add/Edit prints

How to access the Add/Edit prints option from the artwork list page

How to access the Add/Edit prints option from the artwork details page

How to add / edit a limited edition

  1. On the “Add / Edit limited edition” page click “+ Add edition”

  1. Enter edition details on the screenTip: You may want to add a Shipping profile for your prints prior to this step

  1. Tick “Published” box and Save
  2. You can always delete the edition any time from this screen

How to delete an edition

  1. Find the edition you’d like to delete and click “Edit”

  1. On the window that opened, click Delete and then confirm the action

How can I see the customer view of the edition

  1. Go to the Artwork details page in the Seller portal
  2. Click “Preview” and you can find the prints on the new “Prints” tab

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I list? 

This new functionality allows you to sell limited edition prints of an original artwork which is currently listed on Artfinder. The prints can be on canvas, or on paper, in an edition size of your choice (up to a maximum edition size of 250). You may list prints of the same artwork in up to five different sizes - i.e - 30 x 30cm or 60 x 60cm. In order to list prints, you will first have to have an original artwork listed on the site.

Who produces the prints?

As with original artwork sold through Artfinder, artists are responsible for the production and fulfilment of all limited edition prints. 

Can I sell prints of an original which is already sold?

Yes, this is absolutely fine and actively encouraged. To create prints of a sold original, the original must first be listed in your Artfinder shop and marked as ‘sold.’ However, you will be required to apply with original available artworks for the application process to join Artfinder. 

What types of substrate can I choose?

Only canvas (stretched or unstretched) and paper are currently available as substrates. Depth is a required field for a stretched canvas.

Are edition sizes specific to a size & substrate combination?

Yes, at the moment there’s no way to set a “global” edition size across all sizes. Typically artists will either set a total edition size across all sizes OR have a specific edition size per print size/substrate. 

What to do when edition size is a “total” across all sizes?

We recommend entering the same (maximum) edition size for each variant of the print. You will then need to manually monitor quantity in stock for each edition as the quantity remaining will not be automatically updated for other sizes. They are independent at the moment and we’re looking at how this can be accommodated in the future.

How can customers know there are prints available for a particular artwork?

At the moment customers must click to the original to find out the prints are available. We’re working on the next phase which will make it clear on the “artwork card” that there are prints available for a particular original piece. This is coming later in June.

Do you accept digitally signed prints?

We prefer hand signed and numbered prints coming from a limited edition as customers would prefer this option but if the artist prints on demand, to save multiple postage, we will allow digital art, reproduction prints and photography to have a digital signature BUT the artist will have to provide the customer with a certificate of authenticity which is hand signed and numbered. The artist will also need to make the details of this clear on the listings so the customer has a clear idea of what they are getting.

Where to report problems / suggestions for the new prints functionality?

You can report problems and give us feedback in this forum thread. If you need any help uploading your prints please email

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