What can I do if a payment for my Seller Plan failed?

If you're paying using a debit / credit card

If you're paying for your subscription using a debit / credit card please follow these steps to update your payment details:

  1. Login to your Artfinder account
  2. Go to your Seller Portal > Settings
  3. Visit Your subscription page.
  4. You will see which plan you are subscribed to and will be able to update your card by clicking Change under the heading Payment method. You will be prompted to enter new payment details and Save them. 


Currently due to our payment processor Stripe when you update your card on the Seller Portal, it may not get updated automatically on Stripe so your subscription charge may be unsuccessful or may be taken from the previous default card, and if that's the case, you will need to email us at sellers@artfinder.com so that we adjust it manually. 

If you're paying via PayPal

If you're subscribed to a Seller Plan via PayPal and a payment for your plan fails upon it's renewal date - please login to your PayPal account and update your payment source under Subscriptions.

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