What are these statistics?

In your Dashboard, you can find a handy overview of your Artfinder statistics.

Keep an eye on;

  • how many artworks you have uploaded
  • how many artworks you have sold overall
  • how many orders have been placed from you
  • how many 'loves' your artworks have received (Click 'View artwork loves' to see who loves what)
  • how many followers you have (Click 'View recent followers' to see who your fans are)
  • the top countries that your followers are based in (in case you want to amend your shipping tables to accommodate)
  • your top 5 most recent followers (in case you want to follow them too!)
  • if anyone has added an artwork to their basket
  • how many artworks you have sold this week/month
  • the value of the orders placed from you this week/month
  • your most viewed/loved artworks this week/month/overall
  • your page views by number and date
  • other artworks that have recently sold on Artfinder

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