How does 'Make An Offer' function work?

What is Make an Offer?

Make An Offer function on Artfinder is a great way to allow a customer to make an offer on the price of your artwork. There are three settings available:

  • disable make an offer [default setting] - your shop will not be open to offers
  • open to all offers - enable offers for all artworks; you will be notified of any new offers
  • manually select artworks open to offers - enable offers on selected artworks; allows to set thresholds for automatic acceptance or rejection of offers

How do I enable Make an Offer?

To enable this feature for your artworks:

  • Login to your Artfinder account, and click the Dashboard icon in the top right hand corner of your screen
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Click on Features
  • Click on the tick box to select this feature
  • Select either: 'Open to all offers' OR 'Manually select artworks open to offers'
  • Click 'Save'

Customers will now see a 'Make an Offer' link underneath your name and on any artwork that you wish to accept offers on.

How do I respond to an offer?

When you receive an offer to purchase an artwork - go to your Inbox, find the relevant conversation (tip: conversations containing offers have a little "offer gavel" displayed). Inside the conversation - find relevant offer and Accept or Reject it. Once an offer is rejected - you may issue a counter offer.

How can I automatically accept or reject offers?

When you manually select artworks open to offers, the make an offer feature allows you to set a price that you would be happy to accept, as well as a price that would be a definite no. When a potential buyer makes you an offer that is above your "accept" threshold - it will be automatically accepted and the buyer will be able to purchase the artwork at the offered price there and then. Similarly, if you set a "rejection" threshold, the buyer offering a price that's below it will have their offer automatically rejected. Offers falling in below the automatic acceptance threshold (but above the rejection limit if one is set) will be emailed to you for consideration.

To enable automatic acceptance or rejection of offers for individual artworks:

  • Go to your 'Artworks' tab, select the 'Details' option for any published artwork to which the 'Make an Offer' function applies
  • Scroll down until you see 'Make an Offer' section, just under the artwork details
  • Click 'Change settings'
  • On the 'Make an offer settings' page for selected artwork - tick appropriate options:
    • Open to offers - enable make an offer for this artwork 
    • Automatically accept offers above certain value - tick to set price threshold
    • Automatically reject offers below certain value - tick to set price threshold

For example:

How do I send an offer to a customer?

There are cases when you want to offer an artwork to a particular customer at a special price. In cases like this you may propose an offer to a customer. To to this you have to have the Make an Offer functionality enabled. See above on how to enable Make an Offer. Then follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Inbox and find a conversation with the customer you would like to send an offer to
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the conversation page to the "Propose an offer" section
  • Click "Select artwork to Propose an offer" button This will take you to the artwork list view
  • Find and select the artwork you'd like to offer to this customer at a discounted price
  • Choose price and enter a personalised message
  • Press "Save"
  • The offer will be emailed to the customer and they will be able to buy the selected artwork at the offered price

Things to note

  • You can only propose offers on artworks that are published
  • You can issue as many offers to the customer as you like; the last offer you made (or accepted) is the one that will be applied when the customer adds artwork to their shopping cart
  • In case when multiple offers have been proposed or made for the same artwork and a customer sees incorrect price (old offer price) in their cart - encourage the customer to add the same artwork to their basket again; This should apply the latest offer to their cart
  • All offers expire 14 days after acceptance

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