How do I change measurement units for my artwork listing?

Artfinder allows you to view dimensions of artworks either in metric (centimetres) or imperial (inches) measurement units. 

How does the site choose which unit to display the size in?

When you first arrive to the site we attempt to guess the country you're accessing the site from, and from then we pick the appropriate measurement unit. The system handles the conversion from the value entered by the artist automatically. Because unit detection is based on country approximation - sometimes we may get it wrong.

How to change units during creation of a new listing?

When creating new artwork listing you are asked to enter various sizes of an artwork (unframed, framed, packaged, etc). When entering the dimensions - use dropdown field provided to change the unit in which you're entering the size. The unit will change for all dimension fields on this form so please double check all entered dimensions carefully. Your preferred unit will be saved and remembered from now on.

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