How to take a photo of your ID

As a part of the application process, you will be asked to upload an image of your ID as well as a photo of yourself holding your ID.

The ID verification is to ensure Artfinder can continue to provide the best and the most secure experience for both sellers and buyers alike and guarantee that our customers are buying from legitimate, self-representing artists and galleries. 

A government-approved ID can be a passport, driver's licence or national identity card.

Please note that to be registered as a gallery, you will need to be representing a minimum of 7 artists and will need to be uploading your own ID along with a selfie of you holding your ID (or the ID + selfie of the person managing the shop), in order to proceed.

If you are an agent to one artist and wish to represent one artist only, you will need to upload your ID + selfie of yourself holding your ID as part of the application and specify in the 'About artist' section that you will be their representative. When your application passes the pre-selection, we will reach out to complete KYC checks and request a signed contract to confirm you have been appointed to represent the artist on Artfinder. 

Which ID page should I capture?

Take a photo of the front page of your ID with the photo of yourself clearly visible. 

Your ID must include your picture, signature (if applicable), name, date of birth, and address (if applicable).

How do I take a photo of my ID properly?

  • Avoid using flash X
  • Use good lightning without reflection ✓
  • Hold the phone parallel to the document ✓
  • Capture the entire document ✓
  • Crop the image to the ID size ✓
  • Do not reduce the image resolution as it will reduce quality as well X

How do I take a photo of myself holding the ID with the photo page?

  • Face forwards in your photo with a neutral expression ✓ 
  • Look for a place that has good lighting to take your selfie ✓
  • Stand in front of a white background which helps most camera settings find the right color balance for you ✓
  • Hold your ID in one hand next to your face without covering your face with it so we can clearly see both your face and the ID ✓
  • Make sure the photo is clear and close enough to read ✓
  • If someone takes the photo for you, make sure they take it from up close and include as little background as possible ✓
  • Relax and take the photo ✓

What are the file requirements of the image?

Please ensure that the image is in JPG and PNG formats, and it should be accepted by the system.

How do I upload a photo of my ID?

Simply click 'Choose file' below the 'Your government approved photo ID image' heading > select a photo > Save image. 

How do I upload a photo of me with my ID?

Simply click 'Choose file' below 'Image of you holding your ID with the photo page open' > select a photo > Save image. 

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