Managing your store through a third party site

If you chose to use a third party service like Vango Studio to manage your Artfinder store - you will have to contact our team to request that access is granted to Vango Studio in order to manage your store.

Requesting Vango Studio access to your Artfinder store

Please send us an email on and make sure to send it from the email account used to manage your Artfinder store. In your message clearly state that you request to grant Vango Studio access to your Artfinder store. The Artfinder support team will process your request within 2-3 business days and we will confirm by email when your request has been dealt with.

Note on password sharing

Artfinder recommends that you never share with third parties, either your login details to Artfinder or any other service you use. This includes Vango Studio and other sites that may be requesting you to supply your login credentials. We cannot take any responsibility for actions taken by a third party service like Vango Studio, whether carried out using your login details (shared with them) or login details created for Vango Studio using the access grant request process as described above.

Third party support

Artfinder cannot provide support in relation to third party tools like Vango Studio. If you need support regarding your Vango integration please contact Vango Studio Team.

Revoking Vango Studio access

If you no longer use Vango Studio to manage your Artfinder shop - please get in touch as soon as possible, so that we can remove their access and ensure your store can only be managed by you.

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