Artfinder Trade Plan Terms

By selecting any of the "Artfinder Trade" plans listed on the Artfinder Trade page for Sellers, you agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions for sellers, in accordance with the  Artfinder Seller Terms and Conditions

What is Artfinder Trade?

Artfinder Trade is a programme designed to help our Sellers increase their sales opportunity, specifically targeted at:

  • Verified businesses seeking to purchase significant volume of artwork for their commercial projects
  • Verified interior design professionals seeking to purchase artwork for their clients
  • High value customers using Artfinder's Personal Shopping service
  • Automation of offers sent on behalf of Sellers to customers most likely interested in those offers
  • Possibility of automatic inclusion in seasonal sales promotions organised by Artfinder
  • Opportunity to include artwork in third party sales channels

Why is Artfinder seeking permission to discount works?

Business, Interior Design and Personal Shopping

Securing business, interior design or personal shopping deals for our Sellers takes much longer and requires significant time investment from Artfinder's sales team. The additional time is spent on tasks such as: analysing the brief, customer meetings, creating selections of artwork meeting brief requirements, negotiating timing and pricing, coordinating logistics and accommodating any special requirements (such as framing). Customers using the benefits of our Trade and Personal Shopping offerings are often seeking volume discounts, which in conjunction with the increased operational costs simply exceed the levels that would be commercially viable for us. 

Timely Offers and Seasonal Promotions

Artfinder Sellers already run sales, offer special deals (such as buy one get one free) and create discount codes for individual customers. By opting in to Artfinder Trade programme Sellers will be able to have this taken care of by the Artfinder platform. Opting in to any plan opens up an opportunities like: 

  • automatically reaching out to customers who added specific artworks to their shopping carts with a personalised offer from the Seller; 
  • joining Artfinder's seasonal promotion calendar with automatic inclusion of selected artworks in planned sales and offers (such as: Valentines Sale, Summer Sale, etc); 

Note: the above features are not yet available and will be announced to Sellers participating in the programme upon release.

Third Party Channels

Artfinder constantly seeks ways to increase Seller's chances of selling which also includes listing Seller's artwork on third party platforms. Those platforms often charge fees for listing, product promotion and commission on sale. Some platforms require a specific wholesale price to be offered in order for them to ensure the listed price is still competitive to the one on Artfinder after taking into account their fees. Any sales secured through third party channels will flow through to Artfinder as normal, although Seller may not have the opportunity to contact the buyer directly via the messaging system.

Artfinder Best Deal Promise

We truly value our Seller's trust in the Artfinder platform. We believe our interests are aligned with those of the Sellers, so we therefore promise to all programme participants that:

Artfinder will always strive to secure the best sale price for the Seller. Trade discounts will be exclusively offered to specific users or under specific circumstances outlined in these terms. 

Seller Price Agreement

By selecting to be part of any of the plans, Seller grants Artfinder the permission to discount their works up to the maximum value specified in each plan. Artfinder will hold to the Best Deal Promise and will never exceed the maximum discount level specified for each of the plans. The following plans are available:

  • Some Trade - maximum discount of up to 20% of the listed artwork price
  • Most Trade - maximum discount of up to 35% of the listed artwork price
  • All Trade - maximum discount of up to 50% of the listed artwork price

Artfinder will be able to use their discretion to apply the minimum discount necessary to secure the deal.

The discount will be applied to the listed artwork price.

Basis for discount

The base price for any discount applied by Artfinder as part of this programme will always be the full listed artwork price before any sales promotions are taken into account. 

Example: Seller opted in to "Most Trade" (up to 35%) plan and is running a 10% off sale on an artwork  listed at a full price of $1,000; The general public can purchase the artwork for $900 for the duration of the sale. Artfinder may offer a 15% off the base price ($1,000) to a Business or Interior Design customer, which would mean a sale price of $850.

Basis for commission calculation

The basis for commission and fees calculation (as described in  Commission and Fees Policy) will always be the final sale price after any discounts applied.

Opting out of the programme

Participation in the Artfinder Trade is voluntary and by default sellers are opted out. Sellers who select any of the Plans are free to leave the Programme at any time, however there will be up to 14 days grace period in which Artfinder reserves the right to apply the previously selected discount level. This will only happen in cases where Seller's works have been put forward in a quote to Trade customers or scheduled for an automated promotion as part of any of the Plan features.

These terms

These terms were last updated on 20th September 2018 and may be subject to change from time to time. Artfinder will notify Sellers participating in the programme of any changes to these terms at least 14 days before updating. Sellers can opt-out of Trade Plan at any time by selecting "Opt out of Artfinder Trade opportunities" option on the Trade Plan selection page.

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