Artfinder's Framing Service

What is it exactly?

This is an option for customers to conveniently choose a custom frame right here on the Artfinder site at the same time as they select their art. They will be able to see the frame, in its entirety, and even how it will look on the artwork, while they go through the purchase process. They will be able to customise the mats and even the frame itself, with helpful colour matching and personalised recommendations.

We've been working on facilitating this for over a year. Artfinder's Framing Service will enable customers to frame their artwork professionally, for a fraction of the price.

Can any artwork be framed?

Unfortunately not, currently any multi-textural artwork will not qualify for framing. The following types of artwork cannot be framed; commissioned artworks, collages, mixed media pieces, sculptures, multi-panelled artworks, and irregularly shaped artworks (but these are, of course, subject to change).

How does it work?

The customer is able to see a 'Frame It' option on the product listing. They can choose, and subsequently customise, their matting and moulding. When they checkout, you will receive an order with the address of our framing team. You would then send it and mark it as shipped, the same as any other order. Once the artwork reaches our framing team, they will apply the customised frame to the artwork and send it on to the customer.

To find out more about the customer experience, have a look through this article -  Artfinder's Framing Service.

What does this mean for me, the artist?

This will not affect you in any way. The only thing we'll need you to do is send the artwork to our framing fulfilment team. If a customer has decided to purchase your artwork framed, you will need to send the piece to our framing team's US address:

US shipping address: 

It is important that you include the job number associated to the order (underlined in red on the example above) so that our framing fulfilment team will know which frame to add to the artwork. It is also essential that you remember to include the packing slip, Artfinder will not be responsible for mistakes having arisen due to an omission of any information, which the artist is required to provide.

What's the catch?

Unfortunately, there is one small catch. We know that payment times are already far too long (and now might be a good time to give PayPal another plug) but, having an artwork framed will add up to 2 weeks to the estimated arrival date. That, plus the 14 day return period, means that you could receive payment up to 2 weeks later than you ordinarily would.

However, data has shown that this will be a huge incentive to our customers and we are expecting it to encourage sales considerably.

What about tracking? 

The shipment will be done in two stages, and so will the tracking. All you need to worry about is marking your order as shipped and then inputting the tracking to that address. Once the framing is complete, our framing fulfilment team will provide us with further tracking for the artwork's journey to the customer.

What's the quality like?

These frames are the best of the best. We use a technique called 'Preservation Mounting'. This means the artwork will never be permanently mounted and it will be protected by acid free housing materials. The mats are made of conservation materials, so the artwork will be preserved, protected and never de-valued. This also means that the artwork can be removed from the frame safely at any point in the future.

What if a customer gets my artwork framed and then wants to return it?

We will still offer a return option, even if the customer gets the artwork framed, so we do have to brace ourselves for the possibility that this may happen. Fear not though, dear artists, we are not anticipating this to be a common occurrence and will liaise with you directly as to how you wish to handle it. However, we can assure you, that there will be no additional cost to yourselves.

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