Why we like PayPal!

We have recently removed payment via 'International Bank Transfer (outside of the EU)' from the list of options. To confirm, our artists who have already selected this option will still be accommodated but they will not be able to change their details and new artists joining will not be able to select it.

While this might be inconvenient for some artists, we have our reasons for making this change. These transfers could be expensive (for both parties), time consuming, and frequently problematic.

In place of this option we are wholeheartedly recommending payment via PayPal. PayPal is safe, reliable and so so easy to use. All you have to do is set up an account linked to an email address. Then, you can give us this email address, and we can pay directly into that account. The transfer is free for recipients AND instantaneous, so you will receive the funds, moments after we click 'Pay Now'!

You can then seamlessly move the funds from your PayPal account to any registered bank account of your choosing.

We know that waiting up to two weeks for payment can be a real pain, but if everyone chose payment via PayPal as their option, we'd probably be able to do a payment run every day!

UPDATE: There are some countries which can only send funds and not receive, (see full list here). We are looking at payment via e-wallet as an option so watch this space!

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