Can I sell prints of my artworks?

No! Artfinder champions original unique artwork, as such we do not allow listings for giclée and c-type prints derived from original artworks (paintings, drawings, collage).

It is Artfinder's mission to provide all customers with access to authentic art and to bust the myth that collecting art is an activity reserved for a small elite. We believe that nothing beats the feeling of owning an original piece of artwork sent by the very person who has devoted their time and passion to creating it.
Currently, 13% of all artists on Artfinder have listings for giclée print reproductions of original paintings, drawings or collages. However far more buyers purchase original artworks over similarly-priced reproductions – only 3.6% of all sales on Artfinder are of giclée and c-type prints.
We want to be able to say that we never sell reproductions, and that means only allowing artworks in their original medium, and not reproductions of artworks originally created in a different medium (i.e. a print of an original painting, drawing or collage).
Of course, this does not affect the art of printmaking itself - the fine crafts of linocut printmaking, screenprinting and etching (to name but a few), play a valued role in our mission to champion authentic, handmade art.

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