Fuel your Followers

Artfinder is powered by a large global community of art lovers following the progress of artists they love. Converting visitors into followers is the first and most import step in turning your admirers of your work into proud owners of your art.

Keep your fans updated

Following is a fantastic way for users to keep in the loop on activity from their favourite artists, and for you to make customers of your most engaged fans. Your followers will be automatically notified (they can set their own preference as to how regularly) when you upload new pieces or  run discounts on existing works for a limited period of time.

Feature on our social media feeds

We firmly believe in the value of our user's input in helping us curate content that people will love, and followers play a big part in that. All artists on the site who reach 5 or more followers will have their newly uploaded artworks automatically featured on the Artfinder Latest Twitter Feed and Artfinder's Tumblr Blog.

Reach new Artfinder members

All artists with  20 or more followers will be among those suggested to new users as an artist to follow when they first set up their Artfinder profile. This is a very powerful way of gaining exposure to thousands of engaged potential customers who may otherwise never have come across your work. Artists with a high number of followers also feature in our prominent 'Most Followed' section.

Promote and share

You can use your social media and web channels to tell the world about your Artfinder shop and ask your contacts to follow you on the site. Check out the 'Marketing' tab on your Seller Portal for useful share buttons and widgets to help you spread the word. With over  2,500 and counting independent sellers letting art lovers world-wide know about the site, the Artfinder audience of potential buyers increases daily.

Post top content

Not only do high quality artwork images and descriptions hugely increase the chance of users following and buying from your shop, they also top our marketing team's wish list when selecting pieces for email and home page features, both of which are seen by thousands of potential new followers. Click  here for inspiration in making your shop stand out.

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