What do I do if another Artfinder Artist is copying my work?

In the past, we've removed artworks that show a direct copying of other artists' works on Artfinder (for example when an artist has digitally manipulated another artist's work or has copied the composition exactly), however we have no concrete policy for removing artworks that have been inspired by another artist's work.

We have several methods to investigate any accusation but there is no incontrovertible way to establish who is in the right. We will endeavour to always do due diligence so as not to unfairly penalise either party and we reserve the right to terminate any artist's account at our discretion as per our  Terms and Conditions.

If it is not immediately clear, we will take a similar veined approach adopted in USA copyright law. Namely, if any party believes that their work has been reproduced by another Artfinder artist we will close both shops and due our due diligence to investigate these claims.

However, it is important to note that we are simply a marketplace and would urge our artists to first attempt to resolve the issue between themselves before involving us.

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