Becoming a Featured Artist - a tick list

Featured artists can receive additional exposure across the site, a boost in their popularity and have a higher chance of being featured in our other marketing channels!

You too can become featured on Artfinder, however, your profile and listings must be maintained to a high standard. The following is a tick list of the minimum requirements to become featured.

Your Profile

  • Clear, sharp profile picture
  • Clear, sharp 'Me at Work' images
  • Links to your social media accounts in the relevant section of your profile
  • A detailed biography, explaining about you, your art and your inspiration

Your Artwork Images

  • One clear, sharp full-frontal image with no unsightly background showing
  • Clear, well-lit secondary images (in context and close-ups)
  • Provide framed images if the artwork is to be sold framed
  • No watermarks
  • Do not include images of multiple artworks in a single listing

Your Listings

  • At least 6 listings in your shop
  • Accurate descriptions of your artworks (with the right dimensions and media) in correct English
  • NO reproductions of original artworks
  • International shipping rates (minimum UK, US, Australia, Europe)
  • Reasonable shipping rates (i.e. no more than 15% of the artwork in most cases)

DOs and DON'Ts

  • DO update your shop regularly
  • DO mark your artworks as sold if you have 
  • DO NOT include your own terms and conditions or shipping policy in your profile
  • DO NOT include discount codes in your 'Me at Work' images or biography

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Note: Artists' profiles are marked as featured at the sole discretion of our editorial team. Your request to be featured will be considered, but we cannot guarantee that it will be accepted. We regret that we are unable to provide details of why your profile has not been featured.

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